Club Photos


    10 - 17 January 2015 Snowmass!
                          Lots of terrain, uncrowded slopes                 Our lodging far below, look below to right of the chair

Bumps not too big, not too small...                  Typical uncrowded trail

Photos courtesy of J. Cohen


   7 - 14 February 2015: Taos, New Mexico

Snakedance, our Lodge on the slopes                                  Some bumps here....


...rugged terrain, but smooth here!


   28 February to March 7, 2015: Park City, Utah


                 Our lodge was across the street from the slopes


                              At the ski area...                         slopes and lifts to the top

Photos courtesy of N. Blackburn


   March 25 to 1 April 2015: Mammoth, California

Snow cover narrows at the bottom...         but lots of snow to the top!

Excellent spring skiing on lots of territory                    On top to Dave's run, spectacular!

Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

    January 17, 2009: SSS Ski Club flag on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,341 feet, carried by Sue Arnold and Henry Fiedler!